Macaulay Culkin would be for “Kevin – Alone in New York” without Donald Trump

The appearance of the future president is very brief. Little Kevin, whom his parents had forgotten as in the previous film “Kevin – Alone at Home” from 1990, spends the Christmas holidays in New York. He ends up in the Plaza Hotel, where he cannot find his way around. He asks Donald Trump for directions to the lobby. Trump, in a long coat and red tie, points in the right direction and looks after the boy.

The guest appearance of the hotel owner at the time and later US President in the 1992 film “Kevin – Alone in New York” repeatedly amused TV viewers during the Christmas season. But after the storming of the US Capitol, which Donald Trump had incited, the desire arose in some to remove him from this comedy.

In any case, the graphic designer Max Schramp referred to “great demand” when he posted a tweet with a video sequence from which he had removed Donald Trump. In one Explanatory video on YouTube says Schramp, Trump’s permanent Twitter ban means that he no longer exists. In this respect, it is only logical to also remove his trace from the classic film.

One of the numerous users who responded to Schramp’s post was Macaulay Culkin – twelve years old in 1992 and as the leading actor in “Kevin – Alone in New York” at the peak of his career as a child. “Bravo,” commented Culkin on the clip, the editing of which should remind German viewers of RTL’s handling of Michael Wendler’s appearances in the current “DSDS” season.

Macaulay Culkin also commented on another tweet in the same context: Art director Rachel Lobaugh proposed a petition that Trump’s appearance should be replaced with recordings of the now 40-year-old Culkin. “Bought,” wrote the actor, who has also been a busy musician with The Pizza Underground in recent years.

In December 2019, Canadian television already showed a version in which the Trump scene in “Home Alone 2” – the original title – was already missing. At the time, CBC justified this with airtime reasons and rejected any political background as the cuts had already been made in 2014. The cut was not well received by the Trump family, as “poor” they described the President’s son Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter.

Chris Columbus, the director of the “Kevin” films, announced in November 2020 in an interview repeatedly reported that Donald Trump had insisted on a guest appearance. Otherwise the team would not have been given permission to film the Plaza Hotel. At the first test screening, the audience cheered when Trump appeared on the screen, Columbus said, after which he decided to leave the scene in the film. But Trump had “pushed himself into it with pressure.”

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