Maarten van Rossem thinks this is the best Smartest Human candidate

He makes that revelation in Veronica Superguide, which has commissioned a major viewing survey showing that The smartest person has been named the best Dutch TV program of the past year. Maarten himself does not understand it at all, because the program was previously presented by Linda de Mol and later Martijn KrabbĂ©, “but that turned out not to be a success. Remarkable. You would say that those two understand their profession.”

He continues: “Then they looked for two very elderly men. I was linked to presenter Philip Freriks and that turned out to be a success.”

Who is Maarten’s favorite participant after all these years? “The nicest candidate was the very witty and later winner, Rob Kemps. The charm of Rob was that nobody expected anything from him, certainly not because of his musical performances.”

Because of the win at The smartest person Rob was immediately in the spotlight and he even got a television contract with Talpa. He recently gave a thank you speech during the Gouden Televizier gala, but he forgot to mention something very important there:


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