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【Epoch Times News January 02, 2021】AlibabafounderMa Yun, Suddenly absent from his own “African entrepreneurs“Reality TV” TV show, which originally served as the final judge seat, has also been changed toAlibabaSenior executive Peng Lei replaced.

The British “Financial Times” reported on January 1,Ma YunThe Charity Foundation led the “African entrepreneurs“Reality Show” (Africa’s Business Heroes, also known as “African Business Heroes”), held the 2nd final in November 2020, and Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, who attended the first final and served as one of the judges, was in the first The 2nd final jury disappeared, and its judging role was replaced by Peng Lei, one of the founders of Alibaba Group.

Two contestants revealed that although the final was held in November, the TV broadcast time of the program had been delayed until the spring of 2021, and the program promotional video at the end of November last year did not mention Jack Ma. And on the program website, Jack Ma is not on the list of judges. An Alibaba spokesperson said that due to schedule conflicts, Jack Ma “is afraid that he will no longer be the final judge of the 2020 African Entrepreneur Competition”.

Jack Ma posted a message on social platforms in August 2020 to congratulate the 20 entrepreneurs who participated in the competition and said that he was looking forward to meeting them.

The report quoted a contestant who revealed that he had promoted his business to Jack Ma early in the competition last year and was surprised that the final judge turned into Peng Lei.

After Ma Yun gave a speech at the Shanghai Bund Financial Summit on October 24 last year, he publicly criticized the CCP for outdated supervision, which immediately caused an uproar. Since then, Ma Yun has not appeared in public for more than two months.

At the same time, since then, Ma Yun’s companies have been fined and interviewed by the CCP authorities one after another, and even Lu media has reported that Ma Yun has been charged.

On November 2, the four financial regulatory authorities of the Chinese Communist Party jointly interviewedAnt GroupThe founder Jack Ma, the chairman of Ant Group Jing Xiandong and other senior executives, the IPO of Ant Group was urgently suspended the next day.

On December 14, Alibaba’s Alibaba Investment Co., Ltd. and two other companies were fined 500,000 yuan (RMB, the same below) by the Chinese Communist Party for “violating the anti-monopoly law.”

On December 24, the State Administration of Market Supervision of the Communist Party of China initiated an investigation into Alibaba Group Holdings Co., Ltd. for suspected monopolistic conduct such as “choose one out of two”.

On December 30, Alibaba’s Tmall and two other e-commerce companies were again fined 500,000 yuan each by the State Administration of Market Supervision.

During this period, the CCP’s financial supervisory department repeatedly interviewed Jack Ma’sAnt Group

The outside world generally believes that China’s richest man Jack Ma is in trouble. Bloomberg quoted a source familiar with the matter as saying that at least until the beginning of December, Beijing authorities advised Ma Yun to stay in China.

On December 24, the mainland portal Netease published the “Emergency Heavy!” on the WeChat public account “Night Night Research Room”. Ma Yun is under control! “The article stated that according to a heavy report by Bloomberg, because Jack Ma’s Alibaba empire was censored by the regulatory authorities, Ma Yun was asked not to go anywhere and could only stay in China. For Ma Yun’s level, this is the same substantive border control as Wang Jianlin.

The article also emphasized: “The frontier control of Jack Ma comes from the highest BOSS (the boss), I know it!”

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