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M1X MacBook Pro Tag Appears at WWDC 2021, Will it Release Soon?

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Nextren.com – A new news coming from the latest product Apple, M1X MacBook Pro, who was rumored to appear on the show WWDC 2021.

Appearance laptop M1X MacBook Pro at the event WWDC 2021 not in physical form or an oral announcement, but in the form of tag from Apple.

Tag this itself appears in the livestreaming video post WWDC 2021 on account YouTube formal Apple.

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In the raging WWDC 2021, Apple write various tag one of which is in YouTube.

But keep in mind, Apple don’t write down tag randomly, but based on keywords (keynote) regarding everything related to WWDC 2021.

But what is quite surprising is the appearance of tag related M1X MacBook Pro, which in fact until the end of the event the product was not mentioned at all.

For additional information, the word M1X refers to the latest type of chipset that is most likely to be used Apple for the MacBook product series, including the MacBook Pro.

Then, why Apple write tag M1X MacBook Pro that? Let’s move on to the next page.


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