M like love. Olga Szomańska confirms the disease. Fans are worried that it will disappear from the screen. We know the star’s answer! – PICTURES

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M like love. Olga Szomańska confirms the disease. Fans are worried that it will disappear from the screen. We know the star’s answer! – PICTURES

The star of “M jak miłość”, Olga Szomańska on Instagram responded to information about her health. In the material published on Instastory, she reassures fans that her disease is not the end of the world! To prove that she is good with her, the actress puts her photo in a colorful hooded blouse. Szomańska also explains whether Marzenka will not disappear from “M jak miłość”, and the actress will not disappear from the screens! Check what we already know.

“M jak miłość” after the summer holidays 2020 new episodes from Tuesday, 8/09/2020, at 20.55 on TVP2

Marzenka in “M jak miłość” is one of the most popular characters in the series. The wife of crazy Andrzej not only patiently endures his excessive emotionality, but you can see that the couple are in love. The fruit of this relationship is a daughter, Kalinkathey both got “crazy” about. After the holidays, Andrzejek finally settles down as a policeman at the police station in Lipno, and Marzenka will still struggle with their private life in the habitat and … Kamil.

No wonder that fans were alerted by the information that Olga Szomańska, who played Marzenka in “M jak miłość”, suffers from a painful disease. The star “M jak miłość” himself informed about it in the material on his Instagram profile. – I’m on my way to the doctor with my sciatica. But it turns out sciatica isn’t sciatica – the star said to fans on her Instagram video.

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What is sciatica – symptoms, treatment see below!

M jak miłość: Olga Szomańska explains how she feels
Author: Instagram

Szomańska from “M jak miłość” claims that her ailment is sciatica and this is how she explains her health problem on Instagram. – Beloved my … I really am fine. Portals write nonsense. I’m fine. I’m not sick. I am not dying. I don’t pretend otherwise … I’m healthy, and sciatica isn’t the end of the world. By the way, the star “M jak miłość” thanked the fans for their care and greeted her mother from the terrace. As a sign of her well-being, the actress posted her photo in the hood with a slight smile.

And I will not really disappear from the screen … neither here, there, nor anywhere 🙂 And as you can see in the previous photo, I feel great – the star “M jak miłość” calms the fans.

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We also hope that one of the favorite characters of “M jak miłość” will soon return to work on the set, and the star who plays it will get an accurate diagnosis, and the treatment will bring relief from a painful ailment. We wish you good health!

M like love.  Olga Szomańska (Marzenka)
Author: Instagram
M like love. Olga Szomańska (Marzenka)

M jak miłość: Olga Szomańska ensures that she will not disappear from the screen
Author: Instagram

What is sciatica – symptoms, course, treatment

  • Sciatica is a group of symptoms that come from irritation or damage to the sciatic nerve or its roots. Most often it is numbness, tingling and severe shooting pain in the buttock radiating to the leg. Sometimes neurological symptoms such as foot drop or sensory disturbances such as numbness in the leg are added.
  • Symptoms of sciatica include back pain and pain in the sciatic nerve. It is caused by a hernia in the spine and is treated with exercise, medication and injections.
  • Extremely distressing pain lasts from several weeks to many years!
  • An effective remedy for sciatica is an epidural injection into the source of the pain, which quickly fades inflammation and relieves pain.
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Information from the portal: https://www.rehab.pl/

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