Lyubcho Georgievski canceled a lecture in Sofia because of Djambazki in the hall


Former Macedonian Prime Minister Lyubcho Georgievski withdrew his lecture at the Central Military Club in Sofia because IMRO co-chair and MEP Angel Djambazki appeared in the hall.

Georgievski, together with the historian Assoc. Prof. Stefan Dechev, had to participate tonight in the first lecture of the newly formed Club for Bulgarian-Macedonian Friendship on “Bulgarian-Macedonian relations 2017-2022 – problems, achievements, failures and prospects.”

The organizers announced that the lecture will not start until the people leave without invitations. Former MP Milen Mihov asked who gives the invitations to receive them if it is an obstacle to their presence, and Djambazki claims that they have learned from the media about the public discussion with Lyubcho Georgievski.

In the end, the lecture did not take place, and those present dispersed.

Atanas Sharkov of the Bulgarian-Macedonian Friendship Club told BTA that the event was not intended as a “debate with nationalists” but as a lecture by two prominent public figures from northern Macedonia and Bulgaria seeking ways to bring the two countries closer.

The Bulgarian-Macedonian Friendship Club was established on April 19th, historian Stefan Dechev recalled after the failed lecture. There are two documents of the two parliaments that actually put “red lines” in front of the two governments and thus hamper the dialogue between Sofia and Skopje, he said.

Friendship is not built with declarations, contracts, friendship is built when two people sit at the table and become friends, commented to BTA Lyubcho Georgievski.

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