Lyra Restaurant: Gourmet Dishes & Live Music in the Heart of Sibiu’s Piața Mare

The newest restaurant in Sibiu opened at the beginning of April in Piața Mare. Lyra brings to the heart of the city delicious dishes for all tastes, as well as appetizing desserts, the profiterole being the most representative in this category.

Lyra is a chic restaurant with a spacious terrace, perfect for dining at any time. With a view of Piața Mare, Lyra offers not only the comfort of a gourmet restaurant, but also dishes that delight your taste buds of a special quality, regardless of whether we are talking about main courses or desserts. The evenings with live music on the terrace are also a plus of the restaurant which gives a bohemian atmosphere to the space.

The terrace is also ideal for those who want to drink a smoothie or another refreshing drink, such as lemonade, natural juice or a cocktail on hot summer days.

duck breast with berry sauce
Duck breast with berry sauce
Foie gras

Childhood profiteroles, only at Lyra

Everyone has a dessert that reminds them of their childhood or youth. Profiterol is one of the most praised desserts, and the most delicious and authentic French dessert in Sibiu can be found at the Lyra restaurant, in Piața Mare, no. 6. The perfect combination of vanilla and chocolate makes Lyra’s profiterole a dessert loved by everyone who has crossed the threshold of the new restaurant.

The dessert list also includes fresh fruit salad, bought from local producers, and burnt sugar cream, prepared by the restaurant’s chef.

“Hybrid” menu, for all tastes

Recently opened in the zero zone of Sibiu, Lyra has prepared a new menu, suitable for all tastes. Breakfast can be served at Lyra and includes several fixed options, but also the option to create breakfast to your liking. Sandwiches and burgers are of great variety, offering customers the opportunity to choose even vegetarian options.

Salmon and cream cheese sandwich with capers

Fresh pasta with delicious sauces that you can only eat in Italy, creamy soups prepared from fresh vegetables from the market, fish and seafood, but also beef and poultry dishes, salads and side dishes of your choice, are not missing from Lyra’s menu either.

Salmon fillet with asparagus

Cream of tomato and broccoli soup

The restaurant in Piața Mare is dedicated both to adults who want to dine in the evening with a superb view of Sibiu, and to children who join their parents. The children’s menu is varied and includes pastas, soups and chicken dishes, all at affordable prices for any budget.

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