Lynched by Internet users, Coumba has decided to leave social networks for “her mental health”

She made a radical decision. Coumba, one of the adventurers of Koh-Lanta: The legend, broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1, announced that it was leaving social networks. Victim for a few weeks of threats and insults online, the young woman made the decision to withdraw temporarily “to preserve herself”.

“Sorry for those who follow me but I will be retiring for a few days from social networks for my mental health… I am a human being like everyone else with a heart and feelings. Thank you for your understanding and take care of yourself, ”the adventurer wrote on Thursday. on his Instagram account.

“Insults have no place, especially for a program like” Koh-Lanta “”

The thirty-something has been the target for a few weeks of many Internet users and viewers, annoyed by her behavior. Eliminated from the game on Tuesday, she was again attacked by part of the public via social networks.

“Whether people don’t agree with my strategies, whether they call me a hypocrite or a traitor, I accept it. But someone tells me “Dirty black, go home chimpanzee, go eat bananas”, at one point … I have a strong enough character because I have experienced worse things than that in my life so I’m fine . But I do it for fragile people. I understand better why there are unfortunately young people who commit suicide because they are harassed on social networks ”, she explained to 20 Minutes, just after his elimination on Tuesday, November 2.

The adventurer, who participated for the 4th time in the show, had already indicated in mid-October her intention to file a complaint against the authors of threats and insulting messages. “We may not agree with my attitude, my choices and my decisions (…), but insults have no place, especially for a program like Koh-Lanta (…) I have rights, like everyone else. As a “public figure”, I must denounce this kind of behavior which is illegal, “Coumba said.


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