Luxury Everest Wildtrak, Electric Skyline GT-R, and Other Industry Events: A Day’s Digest


Frame SUV Ford Everest for the first time got the richest and most expensive version of the Wildtrak, although the related Ford Ranger pickup truck has had it for a long time. The list of features is about the same: 20-inch wheels, black decor on the body, leather interior with bright stitching, a full range of options, as well as an exclusive yellow body color. In Thailand (where Everest is made), the Wildtrak version is offered with a 2.0 biturbo diesel (210 hp) and costs $55,000, but other markets will also have a V6 3.0 diesel (250 hp). Both motors are combined only with a ten-speed “automatic” and permanent all-wheel drive.

And the pickup Ford Ranger meanwhile, an off-road version of the Tremor appeared. It was created on the basis of a simple version of the Ranger XLT with poor equipment, but has a modified chassis from the Wildtrak X version: the track is expanded by 30 mm, the ground clearance is increased by 26 mm, amplitude-dependent shock absorbers and off-road tires are installed. Other features include a regular power bar behind the cab, additional towing eyes, combined seat upholstery (vinyl and water-repellent fabric). The Ford Ranger Tremor is already available for order in Europe, pickups can be ordered with a “one and a half” or two-row cab at a price of 52,600 euros.

To advertise a crossover Alfa Romeo Tonale the British branch of the company built a show car performed by Edizione Bambini. As planned, he should show the high adaptability of Tonale for a family with small children, so the car was equipped with many special devices. For example, a retractable changing table is built into the trunk shelf, organizer boxes are installed in the trunk itself, and holders for tablets, bottles and other utensils are fixed on the backs of the front seats.

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Published some characteristics of the frame SUV Yangwang U8 BYD, which first showed in January. The length of the car is 5319 mm (including the spare wheel at the stern), the width is 2050 mm, the height is 1930 mm, and the wheelbase is 3050 mm. The peak power of four traction electric motors is 1100 hp. A patent image of the interior has also been published: Yangwang U8 will have a seven-seat interior with two separate seats in the second row and a three-seat third row. Other parameters will be made public closer to the start of sales, which is scheduled for the summer.

Sedan introduced last year Chery Arrizo 5 GT until now, it was equipped only with a 1.6 turbo engine (197 hp) and a preselective “robot” that are not available for other varieties of the Arrizo 5 model. But now cars have also begun to be equipped with a 1.5 turbo four (156 hp) with a variator, lowering the status of GT- versions. Such cars in China cost from $11,600, while a sedan with a 1.6 engine used to ask for a minimum of $14,500, and now they have raised the price to $15,600.

Newly formed British startup Helixx with the support of the Siemens concern, presented a project of a compact universal electric vehicle. In development there are versions for taxi and car sharing, a van with a compartment of 2100 liters, a pickup truck, as well as an analogue of the Indian tuk-tuk (without doors). The electric car has a simple design that allows you to organize assembly anywhere in the world with minimal investment. And another feature is a quick-detachable lithium-iron-phosphate traction battery: a dead battery can be quickly replaced with a charged one. There are no running prototypes yet, Helixx is looking for investors.

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Nissan has announced a project called the R32 EV. It involves redesigning the iconic sports car Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 series (1989-1994) into an electric car. While only one teaser has been published, there are no details about the project. The original Skyline GT-R of the R32 series has a 2.6 petrol biturbo engine (280 hp), and the ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive transmission debuted on this model. The electric car will be made in a single copy. Apparently, with this project, Nissan is beginning to prepare the public for the release of a new, all-electric GT-R coupe.

Also today we talked about the upgraded compact MPV Volkswagen Touran and new crossovers Renault Espace and Proton X90.

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