Lumps in the Neck Can Appear Due to Swollen Lymph Nodes, What Causes It? – All Pages – Have friends heard of the so-called body part lymph gland?

If lymph gland swollen, usually a lump that appears on the neck, friends.

But in fact lymph gland it is in several parts of our body.

Lymph gland has a function to filter lymph which consists of fluid and waste products from the lymph tissue in the body.

So, those glands help prevent bacteria, viruses, or abnormal cells from invading our bodies.

Then, what is the cause lymph gland can swell, huh? Find out the symptoms and causes, let’s!

Current Symptoms Lymph gland Swell

Apart from the neck, lymph gland also found in the armpits, under the jaw, in the contents of the neck, the side of the groin, and above the collarbone.

Under normal conditions, measure lymph gland It’s the size of a pea, my friends.

When there is swelling lymph gland, the glands can swell to the size of a cherry or larger.

The swollen part becomes painful or sore when touched or when doing certain movements, friends.

Other symptoms that can occur are coughing, fatigue, high fever, chills, runny nose, and frequent night sweats.

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Why Do Lymph Nodes Swell?

Swollen lymph nodes can have a number of causes, my friends.

Come on, find out!

1. Infection

First, swollen lymph nodes can be caused by infection.

Infections that can make the lymph nodes swell for example infections caused by flu, sore throat, measles, ear infections, cavities, mononucleosis, and HIV.

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For example, swollen lymph nodes in the neck due to flu or colds could be the body’s response to an infection in the upper respiratory tract.

2. Immune Disorders

Swollen lymph nodes can also be caused by a disorder or disease related to immunity, friends.

For example, chronic inflammatory diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid artsitis.

3. Certain Conditions or Diseases

Swollen lymph nodes can occur as a result of a disease or stress response.

Swollen lymph nodes are generally a sign that the lymph system (lymph nodes) in the body is working against substances that cause infection or disease.

In addition to the types of diseases that can cause swelling of the lymph nodes, such as lymphoma (lymphoma) and blood cancer (leukemia).

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There are also other types of cancer that can spread and cause swelling of the lymph nodes in certain parts of the body.

However, in swollen lymph nodes caused by lymph node cancer, the lumps that appear do not feel painful or painful when pressed.

Then if it is felt like a cluster, and is accompanied by a fever below 38 degrees Celsius.

This is different from the swelling caused by an infection such as laryngitis, which is painful when pressed.

4. Treatment Side Effects

A person can also experience swollen lymph nodes because they are undergoing treatment or taking certain drugs, friends.

Such as drugs to prevent malaria and anti-convulsive drugs.

Apparently, lumps that arise due to swollen lymph nodes can be caused by many things, huh?

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Therefore, if friends experience it in the neck or other body parts, tell the adults so that they can be checked by a doctor, yes.

That way, the cause can be ascertained and handled in an appropriate manner, deh.

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