Lukashenko crossed the “red line” of morality – Klimkin / GORDON

“Lukashenka crossed the“ red line ”of morality. Actually, he crossed it long ago, but now it’s finally. Having landed a plane with the help of fighters, on which the former editor of the NEXTA channel, known for his fight against Lukashenka’s regime, was heading to Vilnius [Роман] Protasevich, he took the path of air piracy and state terrorism, “the diplomat wrote.

He believes that “Lukashenka wants to bargain for his skin, that is, personal safety and the safety of his assets.”

“[Президенту РФ Владимиру] This is also beneficial to Putin: Lukashenka is in his pocket and with [президентом США Джо] Biden will have more to talk about. The West’s response will be swift. Both public and non-public, and the latter is tougher, “Klimkin noted.

According to him, if Ukraine does not join the US and EU sanctions against Lukashenka, Ukrainians will “look like unscrupulous weaklings.”

“As for me, it is dangerous for Ukrainians to travel to Belarus now, in any way. Lukashenka is at a dead end, and it is not known what comes to his mind, additional hostages or fake attempts should not be ruled out. Now Lukashenka is capable of anything. And Ukraine, as a country free people, he fears and hates “, – said Klimkin.


May, 23rd emergency landing allegedly due to a mining report made a Ryanair plane flying from Athens to Vilnius. An inspection was carried out at the Minsk airport, no explosive devices were found. Investigative Committee of Belarus announced initiation of criminal case in connection with false mining.

During the repeated control of passengers detained a Belarusian opposition blogger, one of the founders of the NEXTA Telegram channel Roman Protasevich. The Belarusian authorities incriminate him with a number of criminal articles.

The Pool of the First Telegram channel, which informs about the activities of Alexander Lukashenko, who considers himself President of Belarus, reportedthat on behalf of Lukashenka a fighter was lifted into the sky and it will accompany the passenger plane “to the border with Lithuania.”

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis reported on Twitter that a total of 171 passengers from 18 countries were on board.

A number of countries, in particular in Lithuania, Poland, Austria and Germany.

The plane has already departed from Minsk.

NEXTA is the most famous Belarusian opposition resource, which gained massive popularity amid protests against the results of the 2020 presidential elections, founded by journalist Stepan Putilo. The channel’s office is located in Poland. NEXTA has two main Telegram channels: 1.9 million subscribers to NEXTA Live, NEXT – 902 thousand people. There is also the satirical channel LUXTA, to which almost 200 thousand people are subscribed.

Telegram channels NEXT and NEXT Live recognized as extremist in Belarus. Belarusian authorities demanded that Poland extradite Protasevich and Putilo “taking into account the special social danger of their criminal activity”.


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