Lukashenko also wants to attract migrants from Morocco and Pakistan / Article

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabriel Landsberg announced on Thursday that the regime of the leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, is looking for alternative sources of attraction for illegal migrants in case the route from Iraq is closed.

More than 4,000 migrants have arrived in Lithuania via Belarus this year, most of them Iraqis. Therefore, both the Lithuanian government and the European Union (EU) are trying to reach an agreement with Iraq to stop this flow. On Thursday, it became known that the airline “Iraqi Airlines” for ten days will suspend flights from Iraq to Minsk.

Landsberg says that, according to information available to Lithuania, Lukashenko is looking for other sources to import migrants. For example, there are reports that the Lukashenko regime has contacted Morocco and Pakistan, reports

“Most likely, it is an attempt to expand the flow of migrants, which is dangerous for both Lithuania and the European Union as a whole. It could be an attempt to replace the Iraqi route if the EU manages to close it, ”says Landsbergis.

Mr Lukashenko recently signed a decree allowing citizens of 73 countries seeking a Covid-19 vaccine to enter Belarus without a visa. They may stay in Belarus for a maximum of five days.

Mr Lukashenko has ordered that migrants who had entered Lithuania illegally and are now being sent back to Belarus not return to Belarus.

During a meeting with the leaders of the power structures, Lukashenko called the Lithuanian border guards Nazis, claiming that the western countries used unacceptable methods in their scenario of color revolutions.

“The fact that they have passed a law that allows migrants to be shot, beaten, oppressed and otherwise beaten is completely rogue, but it is their right. They have shown their true face.

We have to worry about the last meters of our border. From this day on, no foot in the territory of Belarus from the west or south may be kicked. How to achieve this? Close every meter of our border! ” ordered Lukashenko.

“It is not for nothing that we have invested huge sums in our border guards and other force structures. Our people need to feel peaceful and know that there are men who are ready to protect them.

God forbid, they will start implementing the tactics of extorting the invited people themselves through the official border crossings. You know the consequences, and they too! So think! We have warned them to think! ”

There is no law in Lithuania that allows the use of firearms against migrants.


In the summer of 2021 the number of migrants has increased significantly, which is trying to enter the territory of Lithuania from Belarus. Most migrants have come from Iraq.

Lithuanian officials believe that the Belarusian authorities deliberately does not constitute an obstacle to the crossing of the borderto punish Lithuania for supporting the Belarusian opposition and imposing sanctions on the Alexander Lukashenko regime. Lithuania describes such action as the spread of a hybrid war against the European Union.

Lithuania is planning to reduce the flow of migrants along the Belarusian border to Build a Fence Four Meters High |. Border guards have also been ordered send migrants back to Belarus.

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