Lukaku, draft agreement also for 2023-24: the pact between Chelsea and Inter

In the negotiation between Inter and Chelsea to prepare for the sensational return of Big Rom, there is the idea of ​​renewing the loan next season

In the negotiation between Inter and Chelsea to prepare for the sensational return of Romelu Lukaku, we went beyond the simple dry loan of 8 million plus bonuses. Not just one year, the idea is to renew the loan also for the 2023-.24 season as reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport. As the newspaper points out, nothing can be put in black and white, because the new FIFA rules prohibit the two-year loan between two clubs. “But there is already a sort of gentlemen agreement, a kind of verbal agreement, so that Lukaku will probably stay in Milan for two years, not just one “.

“A margin of doubt, a small percentage, must always be kept in cases like these. Because we are in the world of football and a year is as good as a geological era. But it is good to remain attached to current events: Lukaku does not think as if he should stay at Inter only for next season. He has at least a two-year, if not definitive project in mind. Inter was a heartfelt choice. He has already made the mistake of leaving, it is unthinkable that he will not make the ‘impossible even in a year to stay. Nothing stands in the way, therefore, of a loan from Lukaku to be renewed at the end of this season. This is why in the meetings the topic was freely addressed. Nothing was written, of course. Neither company he wanted to put pen to paper a right of redemption: at this moment it would not be agreed to anyone. But if the word has a value, then it is right to bet on Lukaku-2024 “.

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