Luis Enrique’s audio “has certainly become exciting”: it is manipulated and reads a reply in chat

On occasion Cope’s Big Game An excerpt from a Twitch broadcast by the Spanish soccer team’s manager, Luis Enrique, has been published, in which he allegedly assured that a viewer “got really horny” hearing the voice of the selection psychologist. But it’s a hoax: the audio has been edited and decontextualized, and the original sound corresponds to the selector reading the comment of another person who was participating in the chat. Some content of which the user @alvarito7697 reported on social networks. What the trainer says after the psychologist’s intervention is “LauraFitness says María sure got horny”, reproducing this comment. Juanma Castaño acknowledged that the audio has been edited and He apologized on social networks. *

The Great Match of the Cope outputs manipulated audio

During a program broadcast Cope’s big game on November 29th The presenters covered the live coverage of the Spanish soccer team’s coach, Luis Enrique, on Twitch. During a broadcast that same day, The coach has invited Joaquín Valdés, psychologist of the Spanish football team, in this space to talk about his role within the team.

According to the audio released by COPE, one could hear how Luis Enrique, faced with a reply from Joaquín Valdés to a person in the chat, would have assured that “she got horny for sure” [min 56:30].

But this audio has been edited and it’s out of context. If we look at the original broadcaststill available on Twitch, we can see how at the end of Joaquín Valdés’ speech, Luis Enrique does not make this comment, but rather assures the following: “She is very relaxed, she fell asleep” [min 35:00]how it collects @alvarito7697 a Twitter.

It was not before more than four minutes had passed that Luis Enrique assured that in the chat “there are several here making comments” to the psychologist’s responses, at which point he reproduced a text from a live chat user. “LauraFitness says María sure got horny”, played the selector, a comment that was written in the chat [min 39:19]as pointed out @alvarito7697 in social networks.

Juanma Castano recognized that the audio had been changed and “jokingly mouthing a viewer’s Twitch channel chat line,” for which He apologized “on behalf of the programme” on social media.

In summary, Luis Enrique did not ensure that a viewer “got horny for sure”. The audio is doctored up and the trainer was playing someone else’s comment in the Twitch chat, quoting the following: “LauraFitness says Maria sure got horny.”

* This piece was updated on November 30 to include statements by Juanma Castaño on social networks.

First publication date of this article: 11/30/2022

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