Luhut Tells Haris Azhar Represents Papua Asking for Freeport’s Shares

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said human rights activist Haris Azhar | related Freeport stock once went to his house to ask for Freeport shares claiming to be a Papuan representative.

“Yes, he once came to me, he said he represented the tribes there. I listen, I always prefer [meminta penjelasan] to the experts of the tribes there,” said Luhut in an exclusive interview with him CNN Indonesia TV, Monday (11/10).

However, Luhut admitted that he did not know whether the request was made for the benefit of the Papuans or for Haris himself.

“Well, I don’t know if the request is for the interests of the indigenous people or for their interests,” he said.

Luhut admitted that he had known Haris Azhar for a long time. Haris is also said to often come to his home or office to ask for help. However, Luhut did not mention what kind of assistance Haris Azhar asked for.

“I knew Haris well, he came to my house, to my office, all kinds of things, I facilitated” [permintaannya] until I can, what I can do is what I can’t, yes no,” said Luhut.

Luhut is reluctant to talk much about his feud with Haris Azhar. He admitted that he only wanted to speak in front of the court so that the legal process could proceed.

He also conveyed his reasons for bringing the matter to the realm of law to provide lessons for many parties so as not to accuse others.

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“This is a lesson to the public, next time don’t just make accusations,” he said.

Luhut’s lawyer, Juniver Girsang, previously said that Haris Azhar had asked his client for PT Freeport shares. Haris Azhar denied the allegations.

Haris said that his party had indeed visited the Office of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries on March 4, 2021. However, at that time his arrival was aimed at helping the Indigenous People’s Eldest Rights Owners Forum (FPHS) get the allocation of Freeport shares according to their rights.

“On March 4, 2021, I assisted in the capacity of FPHS attorneys for indigenous peoples from around Freeport’s mining areas in Indonesia,” Haris said when contacted last September.

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