Lugner after falling drama: ” have practically no one ”

In the local society there was hardly any other topic these days: Richard Lugner (87) fell badly and had to be taken to hospital. There were complications there. In an interview with AUSTRIA, he tells how he is now after the first shock:

AUSTRIA: How exactly did the fall happen? Tell us the whole story again …

Richard Liar: Last weekend I was on my way to the toilet, but shortly before my operator wiped the floor in front of it with a wet rag and I slipped and fell hard.

AUSTRIA: Did you have severe pain? Did you go to the hospital straight away?

Liar: At first it wasn’t that bad. I went to bed. Then it felt strange to me and I wanted to take a taxi to the hospital, but I couldn’t do that myself, so I had to call the rescue.

AUSTRIA: Was there someone with you to help you?

Liar: No, I have practically no one. Zebra doesn’t really want to either. My daughter always visits me, but I don’t have a wife by my side.

AUSTRIA: What happened in the hospital?

Liar: It has been found that the joint socket is broken. You can’t operate on that, so I’ll have to wait for it to grow together by itself in a month or two. In the week before the fall, I had a lot of problems. I lost a lot of blood because of my bowel and even had to be given seven packs of blood. The doctors were only able to stop the intestinal bleeding by performing a colonoscopy and scarring the affected areas. Then there was pneumonia. But I have ventilation anyway so that I get enough oxygen. I have now been transferred to another hospital.

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AUSTRIA: If you are only allowed to lie down for one or two months, what do you do to stop muscle wasting?

Liar: I should do bed exercises with Therabands every day and move my toes and legs slowly. I’m a little hard working, but I already did it today.

AUSTRIA: Who will represent you in the office? Are you afraid of never being able to work again?

Liar: My secretary does all of this. She is a very intelligent woman. But I guess I can go back to the office in three weeks.

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