Lufthansa will save extra during the winter months

October 26, 2020


Luthansa and its subsidiaries – including Brussels Airlines – will make additional savings and will hibernate an additional 125 aircraft from December.

The German airline Lufthansa calls for additional cost savings and a further reduction of the fleet. “We cannot ignore it,” the management announced in a letter to the staff on Sunday.

The airlines within the group – including Brussels Airlines – will only offer a quarter of the services in winter 2020/21 compared to last year, because the passenger numbers are lower than last year, the letter said.

The management says it is determined to ‘keep at least 100,000 of the company’s 130,000 employees on board’.

To what extent Brussels Airlines has been affected by the new action plan is still unclear.

Over the past two quarters, Lufthansa has posted a cumulative net loss of nearly EUR 3 billion.

Earlier this year, Carsten Spohr, Lufthansa’s CEO, said he does not expect a recovery in the industry any time soon. “It will be back on the precorona pill in 2024 at the earliest,” it said in August.

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