Lufthansa has changed the schedule of flights to Kiev due to the threat of a Russian attack

“We do not allow our crews to stay overnight,” this is how the airline explains why they changed the schedule of some night flights to the capital of Ukraine and moved them to the morning.

The German airline Lufthansa decided to make changes to the schedule of flights that depart at night to Kiev, and rescheduled them for the morning due to fears of a Russian attack on Ukraine. So, the airline postponed the departure of its aircraft from German Munich, which was supposed to leave for Kiev on Saturday, January 22: from 9 pm to 6 am on Sunday, January 23. She announced this on her page Facebook People’s Deputy of the VIII convocation Victoria Voytsitskaya.

Message about the postponement of the Lufthansa flight, which was made by Victoria Voytsitskaya on Facebook

The ex-people’s deputy wrote that, as passengers were told at Munich Airport, the postponement of the Lufthansa flight was due to the political situation and, accordingly, the fact that the crew of the Lufthansa aircraft could not stay overnight in Kiev.

In a comment to her post, Victoria Voytsitskaya specified that in the morning on the plane, passengers were once again told that the crew could not spend the night in Kiev “due to political tensions.” She also wrote that the airline refused to compensate any expenses of passengers due to the long wait at the airport, citing “political instability”.

Former head of the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security Lyubov Tsybulskaya, whom she quotes European truth, also flew a flight from Munich to Kiev, and says that indeed, the transfer of the flight from evening to morning is connected with the political situation, Lufthansa representatives told passengers. According to Tsybulskaya, she became aware of this during check-in for the flight, and then the same information was repeated again in the morning on board the aircraft.

“We do not allow our crews to spend the night in Kiev because of the political situation in Ukraine,” Tsybulska quoted Lufthansa employees as saying.

According to Lyubov Tsybulskaya, she was reimbursed for the cost of paying for the hotel.

Also, according to the flight schedule of Frankfurt Airport, Lufthansa postponed evening flights to Kiev in the morning, which were scheduled for January 22 and 23.

We remind you that Russia plans to establish “their” government in Kiev. This was stated by the British Foreign Office. They also reported that the Russian Federation is considering ex-People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yevgeny Muraev as a candidate for the position of “pro-Russian leader”.

Focus also wrote that gas reserves in Ukraine in the event of a Russian attack Enough for a maximum of a week. The Russian military may strike at Ukraine’s energy supply facilities. In this case, gas pipelines may collapse, and gas supply to consumers will stop.

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