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Lucy gains superpowers as a result of the drug

If you want a combination of a fascinating comic book style, thought-provoking sci-fi, fantasy and very noisy action film, you should definitely watch Luc Besson’s Lucy. Of course, let’s be prepared that such a movie is full of very violent scenes, battles and excitement, but let’s be honest, the result was quite entertaining. Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is a smart, temperamental college student who suddenly gets involved in a terrible situation: she is caught by a drug and human trafficking gang.

After being beaten, a drug called CPH4 is released into his body, causing his brain to change permanently. As a result of the incredible synthetic drug, Lucy comes back to life, gets superpowers, breathtaking strength, quick recovery and goes through unimaginable changes. The drug begins to seep into his body when he is kicked in the stomach, causing him to use more than ten percent of his brain, causing him to realize that he has less than 48 hours left.

Driven by her new powers, Lucy seeks revenge. He starts looking for the gang after his memories return and he remembers the face of the man who put him in this situation. Along the way, Lucy finds the only scientist who can help her, Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman). Will he still have time to get his revenge? It will be revealed tonight on the TV2 channel.

Lucy – TV2 – Saturday 21:40

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