Luck Strikes Twice for Californian Scratch Card Player: Ruby Evans Wins $2 Million Jackpot

Ruby Evans is not new to the world of scratch card games. For many years, this Californian player has been trying her luck by offering scratch tickets after shopping like millions of Americans. The difference between Ruby and the other players is that luck seems to accompany her!

In 2013, first of all, she won $100,000 by playing a scratch card game. Those around her thought she was finally going to stop playing, but it is not so. Ruby Evans continues to scratch tickets from time to time, until this day in May… While buying donuts at Sweet Time Donuts in Compton, she takes the opportunity to also order an “Instant Prize” ticket. Crossword” at 20 dollars, it is the equivalent of the Crossword tickets. By scratching the words, she discovers that her ticket is a winner and thinks she has won $2,000.

Ruby Evans won’t stop buying scratch cards

She returns to see her retailer to be paid her handsome sum when she is told that she has actually just won 2 million dollars! During an interview for the local media Fox8LiveRuby Evans says she sees this second victory as a “blessing” that will allow her to pay her bills, her mortgage and help her daughters with their studies.

But Ruby Evans does not intend to stop there… She continues to play hoping to hit a jackpot again. Moreover, a few days later, she again won $5,000 at the same point of sale. All he needs now is to play a lottery grid to win perhaps even bigger.

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Nicolas Robineau is the publication director of Tirage-Gagnant.coma site specializing in games of chance and lotteries in France, since 2013.


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