Lucinka was strictly banned from getting pregnant. Matus said what would happen

Another ban after postpartum hernia surgery was given to Lucia Matušová by her doctors. At first, she was not allowed to lift her daughter, now he must forget about pregnancy for a while. Bohuš Matuš told the portal

“There is no danger of another pregnancy now. Lucinka now has to wait a long time before everything heals after the operation. The doctors told her she hadn’t been pregnant for about a year now. That would be a big deal, ” revealed the musical singer.

The couple wants to have a son for their daughter. “We don’t plan it very much. As it comes, it will come. But I definitely like Lucinka very much. We would also like sibling Bohouška to join Natálka, ” Matuš told Nova TV in the spring.

They will have to wait for the next child to conceive. But they will at least have time for other major plans. For example, moving, they would like to move from a block of flats to a family house.

“We moved to a block of flats where everything can be heard. I can’t even sing during the day, I’m forbidden to play the guitar, and if I want to smoke, it’s not possible and it bothers our neighbor. We have a lookout house, but we’ll wait a while , “intends the singer and head of the family.

She was only ten, Bohuš Matuš revealed about Lucina’s first mouth:



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