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Lucie Gelemová, Felix Slováček

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Half a year after the break-up of his lover Lucia Gelemová, Felix Slováček still paid for an apartment. A few days ago, however, the musician found out that his ex already had a new suitor, and that turned him white. The artist moved out into the street from day to day. Gelemová now threatens to publish videos in which Slováček is allegedly aggressive and vulgar.

Felix Slováček ended his relationship with Lucie Gelemová in May this year. The musician lived alongside the artist, who was forty years younger, for seven years, but eventually refused to start a family with her, so they broke up.

Even after the break-up, Slováček had a very warm relationship with Gelemová and he regularly saw the ex-mistress, even though he was really dialing his wife Dagmar Patrasová. The singer recently declassified that her husband had so far paid for her ex-girlfriend’s apartment.

“I’m glad it’s over, even though one thing bothers me is that the gold digger’s husband still pays for the apartment. I know he’s not sleeping together for a long time, and it’s just a pity, but he could end this anyway, “Patrasová complained to Bleska recently and her wish was soon fulfilled.

She’s a bastard, I can’t even be a friend with her anymore

Thanks to her new lover, Felix Slováček, Lucie Gelemová cooked it up. The musician is said to be most disappointed that Lucie did not tell him about the new relationship herself.

“I expected Lucie to come with a nice person, she would have children and I would know everything, cheer on her and help her with this one. and, “said the disgusted Slovak CNN Prima News. “We weren’t lovers anymore, but we were great friends. I thought it would stay that way. But I was so shocked that I couldn’t be a friend with her anymore,” the saxophonist added.

Gelemová spent the night from Monday to Tuesday in a hotel with 55-year-old businessman Vladimír Michalčák. But on the same day, according to Flash first she went to lunch with Slováček, who invited her to a restaurant in the Municipal House for her holiday. Then she stopped at an apartment in Malešice and then went to a hotel to find a new lover.

Felix Slováček did not find out about Gelem’s appointment until the following day. “If she had told me herself, it would have been a different situation. Of course I was a little jealous. We had been together for years,” the musician said. It wasn’t long before Gelem sent a sharp reply to Felix again.

I’ll post the video, Gelem threatens

“Fortunately, I’ve already moved out. Of course, Felix’s reactions took me by surprise. Together, we announced six months ago that we had ended our relationship and would continue to make friends. He had absolutely no right to go crazy and blame me. That’s why I have no remorse, “Lucie Gelemová explained to the said website, saying that she did nothing wrong.

“Felix, on the other hand, is acting crazy. I have his aggressive attacks and vulgar swearing on my cell phone. And if he continues to hate attacks, I will be forced to publish this video,” the artist threatens with material she bought against her ex.

So far, the Slovak does not want to confirm or deny whether he will return to his rightful wife Dagmar Pastrasová. The singer let it be heard that she was planning a Christmas together with Felix.

“I don’t know what to put together with Dad. When she needed something, I arranged it for her. You can’t say we were strangers,” the musician avoided a specific answer. But in one he gave his wife the truth. “Dad prophesied the end for Lucie. She told me how it would end, and it ended that way,” he concluded.

Gelemová is said to be not afraid to use Slováčka’s private videos


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