Lucie Bílá gave the fans a concert: See how it started!

Lucie Bílá celebrated her 55th birthday. As part of the celebration, it holds a concert in Lucerne every year, but this is simply not possible during a coronavirus pandemic. However, she did not deprive fans of the traditional event and performed in her own theater. She sang there, but without the presence of the audience. One of the few who could sit in the audience was her love Radek Filipi.

Lucie Bílá is suffering during a coronavirus pandemic. She can’t perform as she is used to. On the occasion of her 55th birthday, she organized at least an online concert. Radek Filipi was one of the few spectators present. Others had to settle for an on-screen experience.

However, in the arms of Radek Filipi, who is many years younger, the singer found happiness, so she cannot imagine a single concert without him. In addition to being a successful athlete, Filipi is also its manager. So it is quite logical that it must not be missing.

“I also deal with the stage at concerts, Lucky’s safety and the fact that everything in the locker room is supposed to be there and what Lucka needs for her work. I also mainly take care of her good mood, so at least I try to do that, “he describes what his job is.

Filipi is a support for the singer in all aspects

“When Lucka is stressed, I try to relax, calm her down, make her laugh and bring her to other thoughts. He usually gets up in the morning before I do, it’s set up that way. She is strictly behind the boss at work, she makes sure that everything is perfect and professionally perfect, “reveals her partner and manager behind the scenes information.

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“I respect everything that is part of my life now. I understand the great interest of the environment, whether they are the media or fans. I am simply next to the most successful Czech singer. I don’t really enjoy the attention and I’m not looking for it, but I accept it and I understand it, “he states.

White feels happy in his arms

At the beginning of his relationship, he was criticized for being a Slavoman and the only reason he was with Lucia was to be seen and become famous. But he denies it. He is with her out of pure love.

“I am a balanced man. I don’t have a complex that Lucie is hugely successful. On the contrary, I support her terribly. I hope she’s happy – that means the most to me. All I need is when she appreciates me and is satisfied. Then I’m happy too, “Filipi added in the show Limousine with Míra Hejda.

Lucie Bílá’s birthday concert

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