Lucho recovers credit

Jun 24, 2021 at 21:42


The discourse in the Spanish Football Federation has not had cracks or doors inside or outside. “Maximum confidence in Luis Enrique”, repeated the federation officials without even putting themselves in the shoes of the hit that would have meant the elimination in the group stage of the Eurocup. The win and the image offered against Slovakia It has given even greater solidity to the federative project with Lucho at the helm. The media pressure has dropped a lot and the law of the result would not be so severe in case of not surpassing the runner-up of the world, Croatia, in the round of 16.

Luis Enrique has gained credit, especially in the face of the most critical. The same people who could not bear the fact that Sergio Ramos or any Madrid player was not taken or who are now determined to vindicate Marcos Llorente at any price. Lucho is faithful to his ideas, but with a point of flexibility to correct a situation that had been put at risk.

“You had to shake,” admitted the Asturian after the game. I could not complain about the attitude of the players in the first two games, but a plus was missing that was acquired with the four changes: Azpilicueta, Eric Garcia, Busquets and Sarabia.


Marcos Llorente, through no fault of his own, had become a center of controversy. The sector most critical of Luis Enrique harshly censured the coach for placing him on the side. Llorente had given up, but a born specialist like Azpilicueta made a more typical reading of who knows the trade. He saved the area, was forceful and measured the rises.

Something similar happened with Eric García. Playing on the right with a right-handed center-back made the block more comfortable and also improved Laporte’s performance on the left. Eric has come to stay and Pau Torres remains as an alternative on the axis.

In the case of Busquets, his withdrawal was mandatory and his incorporation to the team was essential. And more than for his quality with the ball, for how he placed his teammates. High pressure was more effective, with him stretching the team, and the collective gear worked much better.

The icing on the cake was the incorporation of Sarabia in attack, who was intoned with the passing of the minutes and participated in three of the five goals. Gerard Moreno and Morata continued as an offensive duo and little by little they get to know each other better on the pitch.


Everything seems to indicate that Luis Enrique will repeat the eleven against Croatia on Monday in Copenhagen, with precisely the only doubt of Sarabia. Lucho is also very satisfied with Ferran Torres, for whom he sees enormous potential. Yesterday in training he was chatting alone with him giving him instructions and he has great confidence in the Manchester City player.

Ferran could go into attack for Sarabia or even for Morata, who is the player who has been the most out of tune on the team. Torres can also adapt to the position of ‘nine’ or even allow Gerard Moreno to take the lead.

In any case, beyond concrete tactical slogans, in the Federation they are fully happy with the work of Luis Enrique. Its president, Luis Rubiales, signed him to change a cycle and he is fulfilling it. Results may take time, but the feeling of regeneration is undeniable.

Rubiales reaffirmed his confidence in the Asturian after the game against Slovakia: “Luis will be with us as long as he wants, he is the great leader of the national team.” A resounding and clear statement. The destiny of this selection is marked by the decisions of the ex of the Barça.



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