Lucé / Mainvilliers: to avoid brawls, Adama Camara comes to tell his story to young people

Adama Camara educates young people on the consequences of brawls, he was this morning in a college in Lucé, near Chartres. (©IG / Act Chartres)

He vouches for the next generation, because “trouble is a heritage”. Adama Camara performed this Thursday, November 25, 2021, his first visit to a college in the agglomeration of Chartres (Eure-et-Loir), aux Petits Sentiers, in Lucé. For a few weeks, the rapper and actor in the field will visit various schools in the district, in order to educate students about a social scourge: brawls between rival gangs.

This initiative was launched by Sophie Bernard, senior education advisor at the Petits Sentiers college. “It’s been about two years that the establishments are impacted” by tensions between rival bands of Mainvilliers and Lucé. And to add that it is essential “to do this work of prevention”. Sophie Bernard knew Adama Camara on the show Do not touch My TV !.

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“His speech corresponded perfectly with the reality in which we live, the prefecture immediately agreed to finance the sessions,” she explains.

Death, revenge and prison

In 2011, Adama’s little brother died suddenly after a fight at the train station. from Garges-Sarcelles. Sada was stabbed several times in the chest. This morning, in front of the schoolchildren, Adama looks back on his past. He was 23 years old and had a tidy life.

At school, in SVT, we are taught life, but we are not taught to live with death. After the funeral, we organized a march because it is the first who left in our city.

Adama Camara

Months go by and the suffering does not diminish for the young man. He becomes the father of a little girl. Until the day when his life changed, a second time, in 2014.

I told myself that when I was going to avenge my little brother, I was going to feel better. I got a gun, I wanted to hit Sada’s killer, but he was in custody. I shot his big brother.

Adama Camara

Rap to understand and talk to young people

Arrested, Adama goes into custody. He is condemned to eight years in prison, released in 2019. Today, he fights against violence and engages through music and frees the word of those who have suffered too much because of brawls, sometimes fatal, through a series of reports.

Brawls and fights often start in colleges. It usually ends unfortunately outside with dramatic situations.

Adama Camara

In Lucé and in other establishments in the Chartres agglomeration

At first shy and then impressed by the life course of this “big brother”, the college students of Lucé spoke and spoke at length with the rapper, who answered questions without filter to “make them aware of things. “.

I heard there had been deadly brawls not so long ago. I came to talk to young people about it, to have an exchange with them, because I experienced the same thing. It is important to give them the floor.

Adama Camara

Adama’s mission will continue throughout the month of December in the city, with one goal: that young people understand the terrible consequences that violence can have and that they “think about” after its passage.

Many college students wanted to take a photo with the rapper after his time in Lucé.
Many college students wanted to take a photo with the rapper after his time in Lucé. (©IG / Act Chartres)


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