Luca Argentero on Domenica In: Italy has a “new Montalbano”

Guest of the Mara Venier a Sunday In, Luca Argentero arrived in splendid shape and has not denied that he is experiencing a very happy period of his life. In fact, for a few months he became a father of a beautiful little girl – Nina Speranza – given birth by her partner Cristina Marino.

Luca and Cristina they met almost by chance on the set of a film, and the actor himself admitted that this is how great love stories are born, thanks to “sliding doors”, those coincidences that you cannot escape, and declared:

Cristina is one of the greatest fortunes that could have happened to me

The two names chosen for theirs child I’m a clear one tribute to the couple’s grandmothers, “Grandparents are important in running a family and we wanted to hear them about Nina,” Argentero explained.

Luca Argentero started acting almost by chance, thanks to the director’s intuition and sensitivity Ferzan Ozpetek, who with the role in the 2007 film in Saturn Against: “He gave me an opportunity for which I will never stop thanking him.” Luca already has 15 years of uninterrupted career behind him, and has only just taken a break now to enjoy the family he is building in conjunction with the stop imposed by the emergency health situation that all sectors, including entertainment, are experiencing.

Protagonist of “DOC – in your hands”, the series promises to become a great national success, Luca said that people stop him on the street and call him Doc, a tangible sign of the success that this series for television has had since the first episodes. The story tells the story of Professor Pierdante Piccioni – former head physician of the Pronto Coccorso in Codogno and Lodi with a very intense personal story – and there are already rumors of a second series, with the hope that all the insiders can return to the work as soon as possible.

Luca Argentero joked like this, hoping to become the new face most loved by Italian families and to inherit a role of great importance in the panorama of television series: the new Montalbano of Italy, this is the definition that Venier has found to best describe the phenomenon of “DOC – in your hands” and Luca’s future, certainly even more brilliant.


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