Luca Argentero and the price of success: the shock confession to Pierluigi Diaco

Interviewed by Pierluigi Diaco, in the episode of “You feel” on Rai2, Luca Argentero does not exclude a retirement from the scene: “I would like … it would allow me to focus on some aspects of my life that interest me most”.

During the interview he stated: “I have the feeling after twenty years… that I have done everything I could do. I think I did what I had to and in fact I am extremely projected towards a third part of my life. “PD:” It would be wonderful if you left the scene “.

The actor argues: “I would like … Or better not to leave them for the sake of making a sensational exit but to recover a rhythm of life that after twenty years has been a frenzied paceit would allow me to focus on some aspects of my life that interest me most. “

Argentero also spoke of his passion for the mountains and how nature brings him closer to God: “It’s a very physical question: a mountaineer friend of mine once told me ‘I feel closer to God on top of a mountain than inside a church’.

Not that inside the Church you don’t feel it, but in the mountains you are still higher, so for better or worse you are closer… It seems trivial but it is a physical question, that then I this divine light, this presence that surrounds all of us to which frankly I have never been able to give a face, instead in the middle of nature, when I was truly immersed in nature, I am it happened on top of a mountain, at Iguazu Falls in Argentina, when nature is much bigger than you, that’s how it is “.

Fonte Ansa – Photo Ansa and Instagram.

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