Lu Chuan Praises Apple’s Vision Pro as a Game-Changing Product for Life and Work

After Apple announced the Vision Pro at WWDC 2023, the technology world was very interested in it, and it turned out that the media world was also paying attention to this new product. Chinese director Lu Chuan tried out Vision Pro when he participated in WWDC, and later said in an interview that it will be an important product that will subvert the way of life and work.

When Lu Chuan was interviewed by “Daily Economic News”, he said that when he tried Vision Pro, he was shocked by the experience of watching movies. He watched a section of “Avatar” with Apple TV+, and the immersive three-dimensional effect was quite ideal. , and the color and depth of field can be restored, so he feels that there is no need to go to the theater to watch 3D. Another three-dimensional dinosaur display is also very realistic.

In addition to movies, he also appreciates the stereoscopic photo and video shooting functions of Vision Pro. He believes that this product will bring changes to life and work like the iPhone, bringing people to a new “spatial computing era”, not just A VR glasses, but a new product that subverts Apple’s own product line, is “a handover stick between the future and reality.”

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