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(LSK Women – Lightning 1–1, 5–4 e. Penalties) Already after 55 seconds, the reigning Norwegian champion ended up on their own artificial turf, but Hege Riises (51) girls struggled to advance after a penalty shootout.

Captain Johanna Bækkelund blew Lyn’s fourth penalty kick almost to the ceiling in the LSK hall. When Justine Vanhaevermaet put LSK’s fifth penalty in the net, the home team could breathe a sigh of relief.

But the reigning Norwegian champion, who has won the cup five of the last six years, really had to struggle for advancement after getting a nightmare start to the settlement.

Scored after 55 seconds

The match was barely underway in the LSK hall when Lyn striker Anna Nerland Aahjem showed strength in a running duel with midfielder Ina Gausdal and got free alone with the goalkeeper.

There she put the ball controlled between the legs of Ida Norstrøm and sent Lyn in the lead after only 55 seconds.

– What a dream start for Lyn! Who in the world saw it coming? exclaimed NRK’s ​​commentator Olav Traaen.

But after the dream start, LSK Women took the initiative in the match as expected, but the whites and reds from Oslo’s western edge fought bravely.

FURTHER IN THE CUP: Emilie Haavi (right) and LSK Women had to struggle hard for the cup advancement against Cathinka Tandberg and Lyn. Here in the league meeting between the teams at Kringsjå on 1 August this year. Photo: Fredrik Hagen

Nora Eide Lie nodded the ball in behind Røa goalkeeper Kirvil Odden Sundsfjord in overtime of the first half, but referee Karoline Marie Jensen lifted her arm in the air and blew for offside on the LSK player.

But after just over an hour of play, Eide Lie was to succeed. Out on the right wing, the canaries combined Emilier nicely. Emilie Haavi played wall with namesake Wolvik before the former hit the field. There was Eide Lie in place and wide in the equalizer.

After two goalless extra innings, the quarter-final ticket was to be decided on a penalty kick.

Emilie Haavi took LSK’s first penalty kick, but the attempt was saved by goalkeeper Sundsfjord. The LSK profile got a new try because the Lyn goalkeeper was out of the line too early. Then Haavi put the ball in the net.

The next three penalties from both teams, including Lyn goalkeeper Sundsfjord’s attempt, went into the net.

When Bækkelund failed on Lyn’s fourth, Vanhaevermaet was able to secure the advancement with scoring. The Belgian 28-year-old put the ball safely in goal and ran jubilantly towards his teammates.

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Already during the break in the settlement, it became clear that the winner of the match in the LSK hall would meet Rosenborg Women in the quarterfinals.

Trøndelag secured their advancement earlier on Wednesday when Kristine Minde won the match after a head score against Kolbotn:

Also league leader Vålerenga had to go out in extra innings to move on. Synne Jensen gave the Oslo team the lead away against Klepp, before Susanne Vistnes equalized a quarter of an hour before full time. VIF eventually won 3-1 after an own goal by Emma Braut Brunes and a cheeky variant from Sigrid Heien Hansen:

The Oslo team’s opponent in the quarterfinals will be Stabæk, who also had to struggle for promotion. Sandra Simensen sent Fløya in the lead against the Bærum team, but goals by Maren Hauge and Melissa Bjånesøy in the second round secured the quarter-final ticket for Stabæk.

The last two quarter finals are Sandviken against Røa and Avaldsnes against Arna-Bjørnar.

Arna-Bjørnar sent KIL / Hemne out of the tournament with a 2-0 victory, while both Røa and Avaldsnes kept up with goal celebrations in their matches:

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