LSK confirms Russia sale: – One of the best sales in the club’s history

– We had no plans to sell Magnus, but when Rostov made contact, things happened quite quickly. After a few days of negotiations, we agreed on a price that LSK is very happy with. If you look at what the club is left with net, it is one of the best sales in the club’s history, says sports manager Simon Mesfin to

– It’s a bit unreal, but it’s insanely fun, and a great opportunity for me to take the next step. It was an offer I could not say no to, says the young boy himself.

He started the season on loan in Ull / Kisa. Now he is ready for one of the richest clubs in the Russian elite series. Rostov also reports the transition on its website.

– From starting the season by being a bit on the fringes and asking for a loan to get experience to end up with this towards the end of the year … It makes the whole transition a bit unreal. The whole trip there is quite fun. I had not imagined that something like this could happen until in a few years, says the midfielder – who has also held other positions with great success this autumn.

– The most important thing for me is that my adventure has now begun in earnest. No matter how it goes, I will have a huge experience in Rostov. It is a big challenge, and it will be special to move away from home for the first time. But it is a dream come true, he continues.

Ensures further investment

Without saying the size of the transfer fee, Simon Mesfin confirms that there are good funds in the LSK fund:

– The transfer fee will ensure that we secure the investment going forward – at the same time as we have the funds to replace Magnus. We are also happy on Magnus’ behalf that he gets this opportunity. He is a professional player and a very nice guy who has good opportunities to succeed in major leagues in the years to come. And he has had a rapid development this season. The plan was for him to be a leading player for a few more years, but sometimes things happen that change that. What is extra gratifying is that he is a self-developed academy player. It is not without reason that we have invested heavily in investing in the academy in recent years, says Mesfin.

Rostov is third last on the table after the first part of the season. There is a winter break in the Russian elite series, which starts up again at the end of February.


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