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Comedian Laurent Baffie legislative candidate in the third constituency of Paris to “support” the Animalist Party

“Better a duck’s head than an idiot’s head”launched comedian Laurent Baffie yesterday to journalists, while he is campaigning in Paris for the animalist party, of which he brandishes the official poster stamped with an orange duckling. “Mr. Deputy, that’s classy, ​​isn’t it? I want to siphon off public money like the others and enjoy the same lifestyle”he jokes when he will be at the top of the list in the third constituency of Paris.

For Laurent Baffie, this commitment to animals is not new. He readily concedes that his candidacy is moreover more support than real political ambition. “I am all for the cause, so that the animals are raised in dignified conditions. I started to support them, because they asked me to. It’s kind of a spotlight.”explains the one who recognizes having once voted for the environmentalist party a little by default.

At first hesitant, as if embarrassed to be there, the “Sniper du PAF” takes time to put on this new costume of a candidate, reluctant to distribute leaflets. “I’m not a tractor, I’m not really into action. I don’t want to parasitize with my notoriety”he says, turning his gaze towards the moorhens that inhabit this square in the 17th arrondissement.

He does not seem to know much about those who will face him in the legislative elections on June 12 and 19, when he will be opposed in particular to Stanislas Guerini, former delegate of La République en Marche (LRM) who has just been appointed Minister of Transformation and the public service. “Guerini? I don’t even know who it is, he replies smiling. I have always had more affinity with the ducks than with the political class”.

The other party volunteers have fun with this atypical towing operation. “For us, it’s a bit like recess. We work much less, recognizes Sophie Monnier, one of the members present. The real work is on Sundays, in the markets. But he is a real support, we are happy that he is present..

For his deputy Douckha Markovic, also a Paris councilor responsible for animal rights, this exhibition is precious. “It’s rare to have celebrities who give their time to support this cause and help animalsshe believes. It is above all a support, even if it is perhaps the only time that he will campaign, he gives of his image and his time for the animals ”.

Leaflets in hand, Baffie relaxes and ends up getting caught up in the game, even going so far as to plead for the Animalist Party around the merry-go-round and children’s swings. Laurent Baffie is not the only personality to want to run for a mandate in the National Assembly: the former columnist Aymeric Caron and the humorist Gérald Dahan under the colors of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) or the singer Francis Lalanne, without a label, also applied.

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Lucid about his chances of victory, Baffie says “Knowing that their scores are usually around 2%. If I can help them make at least 3%, I will already be very happy”ensuring that he “will always support them” and that he will look at his score “with the greatest care”. And to end with a slogan: “If you don’t like politics, vote for animals”.

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