Lower heating at night or on weekends: communities are preparing for this winter

Communities are not immune to it increase in energy prices and in turn they show their desire to consume better and less. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, presented her plan to save heating and electricity which would come into effect on Friday 23 September. “We must go further with the first measures to save 10% of energy”, fixed the mayor of the capital.

The Eiffel Tower went out earlier

To this end, the lighting of the town hall, town halls and municipal museums will switch off at 22.00. The illuminations of the Eiffel Tower will stop at 11.45pm instead of 1am. National monuments should suffer the same fate.

Heating in public buildings will drop to 12 degrees at night before rising to 18 degrees (versus 19) during the day. Same temperature expected in the buildings managed by the Mayenne departmental council. Its president, Olivier Richefou, presented a sobriety plan on Thursday 15 Septemberwith the same declared goal of Paris.

A pullover the day before the weekend

Among the measures announced: Friday becomes “A day in knitting” with lower heating “at the beginning of the weekend for a real impact on our consumption”, the elected official Mayenne explains. A measure that will also be applied in colleges “When the hygiene rules allow it”. Hot water in the toilets will be removed.

For what efficiency? Communities rely on data from Ademe, the Environmental and Energy Management Agency, which ensures this “Lowering the heating by 1 ° C reduces consumption by 7%”.

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