Loved by the army until the Philippines bought it for the second time, this is the spec of the SSV Tarlac Class made by PT PAL Indonesia

ZONAJAKARTA.comPT PAL back to the name Indonesiabecause it was chosen to win the procurement tender boat war Filipina.

It is as quoted from the @ptpal_indonesia instagram account which uploaded a post on June 24, 2022, PT PAL announce the happy news about the procurement tender boat war Filipina.

“Manila, (24/06) The signing of the sale and purchase contract has been carried out boat Landing Dock antara PT PAL Indonesia dengan Department of National Defense (DND), Filipina.

The event was held at the Philippine Department of National Defense.

The signing was done by CMO PT PAL Indonesia Mr. Willgo Zainar with Secretary of National Defense Mr. Delfin N. Lorenzana, witnessed by the Corporate Secretary Mr. Rariya Budi Harta and the GM of Marketing & Ship Sales Mr. Aris Wacana Putra.

This is the second time PT PAL Indonesia successfully won the ASEAN market in export boat war jenis Landing Platform Dock (LPD) to Filipina.

Chosen PT PAL Indonesia one of them is because of the satisfaction of the Government Filipina and Navy Filipina for the operation of 2 units of Landing Dock or Strategic Sealift Vessel (SSV) which was handed over by PAL several years ago.

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‘We’re management PT PAL Indonesia proud to be able to contribute to national defense in ASEAN. At the same time, we appreciate the government’s trust Filipinafor the second time choosing PAL as the provider of defense equipment for the marine dimension, explained Mr. Willgo Zainar on the occasion,” wrote the Instagram account @ptpal_indonesia in his upload.

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