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Wang Xinling appeared on the “Weibo Night” in mainland China. The hostess embarrassed her and asked her to dance “Love You” offstage, and even reached for her coat. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Mainland China’s “Weibo Night” gathered many first-line celebrities, from actors to singers, including Taiwanese singer Wang Xinling who participated in the talent show last year and reached the pinnacle of her career again. But halfway through the ceremony, the hostess Si Wenjia stepped down. At the scene, I approached Wang Xinling, Tan Jianci, Ma Li, Hui Yinghong and others to chat and play games. They insisted that Tan Jianci was a “Wang Xinling boy” and even brought a piece of “Love You” on the spot, and CUE Wang Xinling wanted to take off his coat and dance together. Wang Xinling’s expression was surprised at the moment, and she silently pulled her coat back to cooperate with the dance. This scene has become a topic now, and many netizens have criticized Si Wenjia’s hosting as terrible.

From left: Ma Li, Hui Yinghong, Wang Xinling, Tan Jianci, Si Wenjia. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

“Weibo Night” recruited 3 male and 2 female hosts to host. Among them, the female host Si Wenjia, because of her outstanding performance in the last Weibo ceremony, and with the help of another host, Bakery, Let her be well received, this year’s re-elected host, but without the 100-gram force, she not only needs to peek at the teleprompter and the cheat sheet, but is also obviously unfamiliar with many lines that should be read, but the most embarrassing one appears in the middle Cross-cutting, she stepped off the stage and invited the guests in the first row to interact, including Wang Xinling, Tan Jianci, Ma Li, and Hui Yinghong.

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She asked them at the beginning, knowing “what is the hottest boy in 2022?”, which made Ma Li and Hui Yinghong unable to answer for a while, but fortunately Tan Jianci hurriedly rescued the scene and said “Wang Xinling boy”, which made this embarrassing The series went on, but it was even more embarrassing later on. Si Wenjia immediately asked Tan Jianci to directly perform a section of Wang Xinling’s “Love You”. He danced a section in embarrassment, but Si Wenjia asked Wang Xinling to dance with him, and even asked her to take off her coat and reach out to pull it. Taking off Wang Xinling’s coat, Wang Xinling’s expression was a little frightened.

Faced with such a request, Wang Xinling also had a helpless expression on his face when his coat was pulled. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

In the end, Wang Xinling didn’t take off his coat, and made a symbolic gesture with Tan Jianci, and ended with the final “love you” action. This kind of clip was also scolded by netizens. Thinking, “Isn’t that a little too rude”, “Wang Xinling has already made dancing movements, so there is no need to make other people take off their coats”, “How can you take off people’s coats without the consent of the person involved?”

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