Love with side effects. The play “Red and Black” has been made at the National Theater / Article /

Director Edmunds Freibergs calls the production of Stendhal’s novel “Red and Black” about the anatomy of love and love with side effects. The show brings the audience to another world where value is a passionate feeling and a romantic world. Stendal’s famous novel was dramatized by Jacques De Deckers. The stand “Red and Black” will premiere in the environment of the National Theater on April 9.

“It is worth returning to such a kind of old-fashioned theater with a pure feeling and taste of romanticism. It was also interesting for me, because I hadn’t staged anything like that for a long time, ”said director Edmund Freiberg.

Actor Raimonds Celms reveals that she is inspired by the ability to be so different every time: “With every job, as with every day you live, you see that she still has such shades and nuances.”

The young man he plays, Gilles Sorel, is loved by all. Also Matilde, played by actress Madara Bore. She admitted that what attracts Grilien is that he is not hypocritical, says what he feels, what he thinks.

The stage space is designed as an arena. The director explained that the main character of the show enters the arena of life – “you have to fight, find your place, your happiness and your confirmation in life”.

Actors Evija Krūze, Madara Bore, Raimonds Celms and Voldemārs Šoriņš will play in the show. Set designer Aigars Ozoliņš, costume designer Jurate Silakaktina.

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