Love Werewolf 3 / The second generation of stars and goddess Xu Xinyang will marry the Russian goddess Lu Xipai sadly broke up with the female model | Entertainment | CTWANT

Xu Xinyang and Song Rui’an (from left), Hu Shi’an and Wu Xinti, as well as Lu Xipai and Shui’er are all examples of the second generation of stars who were revealed to be in love with goddess-level figures. (Photo/Photography Team of this magazine)

Lin Longxuan’s 28-year-old handsome Lin Tinghan not only inherited his father’s musical talent, but also has a very handsome appearance. The Times Weekly CTWANT recently pointed out that he and “Werewolf Killing Goddess” Yu Ting held hands sweetly at a friend’s party. The show not only gained friendship and love Popularity, the door of love also opened.

Many second-generation celebrities have also followed in the footsteps of celebrity fathers and entered the entertainment industry, and even rumored to fall in love with goddesses in love; For the first time, she was directly criticized by this magazine for holding hands on a date and attending a friend’s wedding together. Xu Xinyang also specially chose to propose to his girlfriend successfully on May 20, 2022. Earlier Xu Nailin generously revealed the progress of his son’s marriage, “Look at him, but their relationship is very stable, and they haven’t prepared for the wedding yet, so it depends on whether he can take on two more shows this year.”

Hu Gua’s son, Hu Shi’an, was reported to be in a relationship with Wu Xinti, the “Goddess of Archery” in “All Stars” in July 2020. Both of them denied it afterwards. “Even Hugua and Xiaozhen came to help them emphasize that they are not a couple. Unexpectedly, after nearly a year, this couple was directly attacked by this magazine for dating in a department store for food, and Wu Xinti was caught many times after work. In the scene of running to Hu’s house, the relationship between the two seems to be quite special. And he and Xu Xinyang have also recently become regular members of FTV and the eight “Most Powerful Variety Shows”.

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The most talked-about star, the second-generation Lu Xipai, made his debut as a top student from the Berkeley Conservatory of Music in the United States. As the son of variety show brother Wu Zongxian, he once dated the model goddess “Shuier” for 6 years, but the two were in the Break up last year. On August 19, 2018, because of his girlfriend Shuier’s illness, Lu Xipai posted a PO post on his private IG, “My girlfriend is sick. If she doesn’t recover, I will make a bomb and blow up the Taipei City Hall. Everyone will apologize.” Outside the page, the identity of the graphic model girlfriend was also exposed.

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