Love Ties Update: Denis Setiano The Mastermind Behind the Terror of the Alfahri Family, Al Collects All Evidence

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap operas Love Bond will be back on air tonight at 19.45 WIB on RCTI.

Update Love Bond 4 October 2021, tell it turns out Denis Setiano mastermind behind family terror Alfahri.

At that time, Al asked Angga to bring his hacker friend to Al’s office.

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Upon arrival, Al gave the phone number Iqbal what’s on the crew’s cellphone

Iqbal on those hackers.

The hacker started tracing the number Iqbal. After being tracked, hackers found the address but the number was not in his name Iqbal but Denis Setiano.

Al was immediately surprised to hear that. Denis is the person that Mama Rosa once told to find out about Jessica.

Al suspects that Denis must have something to do with this terrorist act.



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