‘Love island’ winners split up: “We don’t fit together”

Denzel and Aleksandra in better times.

Photo: Instagram

Aleksandra and Denzel, winners of the first ‘Love island’, are no longer a couple. Their relationship lasted about a year.

The Flemish-Polish Aleksandra Jakobczyk (25) reports “with pain in my heart” that she is single again. “I know that we disappoint many with this. We are also disappointed, “she writes on social media,” but we have come to the conclusion that we do not fit together. ” The blonde emphasizes that they split up as good friends. “There is no quarrel or bad things that have happened.”

The Dutchman Denzel Slager (27) adds on his profile that he has experienced “incredibly beautiful moments” with Aleksandra. “Yet we agree that it is better that we both go our own way.” He asks his followers to “give him some time to process this”.

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Hostess Aleksandra from Sint-Niklaas and ex-professional football player Denzel from Amsterdam won the first edition of Love island. In this Flemish-Dutch co-production, which is broadcast by Vijf, young singles seek true love in a luxurious holiday home. In addition to a relationship that lasted a year, Aleksandra and Denzel were left with 25,000 euros.

The brand new exes made the news this week with a remarkable commercial for a dating site that was broadcast on Radio 1 early in the morning.

'Love island' winners split up: “We don't fit together”
The message from Aleksandra.

Photo: Instagram

'Love island' winners split up: “We don't fit together”
The message from Denzel.

Photo: Instagram


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