Love Island winners Denzel and Aleks end their relationship

The relationship of the best-known reality love couple of 2019 had been rumbling for a long time. Yet the dark clouds seemed to give way to sunbeams. Despite Denzel and Aleks trying, to no avail. “With pain in my heart, I have to announce that Denzel and I have not to move on with our relationship,” writes Aleks.

“We have experienced very beautiful moments, but are still convinced that it is better that we both go our own way,” adds Denzel. Aleks then tells in turn that Denzel does not suit her very well. “We break up as good friends and there is no quarrel.”

The relationship of the couple Imen and Remco already stranded for them Love Island left. Remco seemed to lead a double life all along. You can see more about that in the following Love Check-up.

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