“Love Island”. Difficult moment on the island. Ada said goodbye to the program. “I miss my private life very much”

The recent pairing shocked the participants. Let us remind you that the biggest surprise was the choice of Igor, who was the first to decide in the previous episode. He chose Alicja, who was clearly connected with Kamil.

For this reason, Kamil had to face quite a problem. During the pairing, he bet on Ada, which also few expected. The latter, however, pointed out that he only wanted to meet her as a friend. Initially, Ada hoped to develop the relationship, but quickly realized that she was going into Kamil and Alicja in an independent way.

“Love Island”. One of the participants quit the program unexpectedly

Ada made a conversation with Alicja and assured that she had nothing to do with Kamil, which Alicja knew very well. Nevertheless, the youngest participant in the show decided to leave the island.

At the moment I say goodbye to you, of course I keep my fingers crossed for everyone and really have a great time. Take advantage of this time. I am leaving you now. I miss my private life so much, so I am very happy that I had the opportunity to try here and meet all of you. You’re just great. Beloved, thank you for this time. Thank you for everything – said Ada goodbye.

More than one participant shed a tear because Ada left. The news also saddened fans who shared their opinion on the latest post on the official “Love Island” profile on Instagram.

Ada was the loveliest girl on the island. She’s a great grandmother.

I feel so sorry for Ada. I think she quit the show because of Santa. If he hadn’t treated her like that a second time, she probably would have stayed. And she felt rejected, perhaps she felt something for him, and he flew to Oliwka, and it hurt her.

My tears fell with her! Good luck Ada – Internet users wrote.

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