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Hello. We have a problem with feelings. Tell me first that we are at work, 20 years old, never had a girlfriend …

We have a consultation. We met a man at work. At first, we didn’t really like his face because of his arrogant appearance. But one day, he has a job problem. So we went to help because he asked. – We are kind people, even if you don’t like it, help anyway. After that, I haven’t talked anything for a while, and there was a reason to come and talk because of work. But it seems he and we are getting close When you finish work or work at the same time We are so close.

So close to the point that we are sitting next to us One day that made our hearts flutter. He said, ‘Is it delicious?’ – We looked at him confusedly. He asked, ‘Is milk tea delicious?’ We replied, ‘It’s delicious.’ ‘Let me have a taste’ and pretends to take it and eat. -We hurriedly pulled the glass. He smiled and walked away.

From that day we were surprised because he took good care of us. Buy something delicious and tell To tell the story of life See you all and always smile. Talk to us

Until the last Loi Krathong day He spoke to us during the two dark walks back home. ‘Today I’m going to find something to eat at the Loi Krathong festival.’ We also secretly think if he invites us to too. We are lovers, but we do not express ourselves, we are embarrassed, we have never had a girlfriend, so we rarely understand the word love. But he was silent. During that time, it was the last day he had to move department.

Suddenly leave each other So we said that ‘Department of the company has been moved. Will we meet again? ‘From his sad face, he smiled and replied,’ Come on often. ‘

And he actually came. But time comes to talk, but with a woman, I rarely talk to us. A long time to talk to us But recently, we changed the desk next to an elder, a man he knew but never saw. Well, she walked over and talked, but we were very busy at work. We are working psychopaths and don’t care for anything. Realized again, she walked away to talk to the same sister. This woman, she would talk a lot. More often than us Maybe so we think We like him or he likes us. Or are we just thinking about it ourselves? We ask ourselves Maybe we just like him a bit, but he might just think to us colleagues.

After he will disappear some. Maybe because with the department that has changed … We can only sit and look at the working door and bow down to continue working

I don’t know what to do next …


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