Love Bonds Tonight Moved Showtimes: Andin Encourages Aldebaran’s Spirit, Is Irvan Waiting For Iron Man?

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Love Bond tonight 20 January 2022 is back with a different showtime than usual

Tonight will be Love Bond will be broadcast at 20.45 WIB showing Andin who managed to race spirit Aldebaran and Irvan Barriers have been waiting for.

To find out more, the following reviews and predictions synopsis Love Bond which will air tonight.

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Previously aired Mama Rosa who resignedly was arrested by the police after being reported Irvan on charges of ordering someone else to rape Jessica.

Aldebaran have tried to prevent it, but in vain because the police have obtained evidence and must carry out their duties according to the report.

When Mama Rosa was about to leave, Mama Rosa said goodbye to Aldebaran in front of the house.

Along with it, Andin and Reyna had just come from school.

Andin and Reyna looked sad, while crying Reyna hugged Mama Rosa because she didn’t want to be left behind.

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