Loud work around the QUB radio studios: Benoît Dutrizac “farts a boat” against the City

Having difficulty hosting his daily show on QUB radio due to work near the station, Benoît Dutrizac did not mince his words about the City of Montreal.

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“We are opening a construction site in front of a functioning restaurant, we are putting a bike path in front of the shops on rue Saint-Denis, we don’t believe it. Who cares, citizens, who cares, shops, then after, Valérie Plante and Michel Leblanc say: “Come back to the city center”, but that’s why we don’t come back to the center -ville: because you are a gang of cabochons, then you work in cabochons. “

At the end of his speech, Dutrizac added: “Stay at home, telework as much as possible, Montreal deserves nothing better.”

  • LISTEN to the whole farting, here:
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