Lou Doillon shows off her figure after childbirth: postpartum photo uninhibited

No, carrying life is not just a parenthesis that stops as soon as baby shows up. The consequences of pregnancy on a woman’s body are often minimized and seeing pictures of young mothers scrolling through social networks, their stomachs even flatter than before becoming pregnant, tends to make Internet users complex.

So here it is, some stars have decided not to lie anymore about pregnancy and the postpartum period, which is sometimes very complicated to manage. Camille Lellouche, pregnant with a baby girl scheduled for October, has made no secret of the inconveniences of carrying a child. After the birth of her third child, Laure Manaudou had meanwhile expressed a much more complicated period than what she had known with the first two, Manon, 12 years old and Lou, 5 years old. Lou Doillon also lifted the veil on her situation just days after the birth of her son Laszlo.

The little boy, whose dad is none other than the artist Stéphane Manel, was born on July 26. A moment of happiness lived in the hospital before the whole little family returned to their home. Since the baby’s arrival, Lou Doillon has been drawing him from every angle (without forgetting Marlowe, 20, born of his story with Thomas-John Mitchell) and reveals the result on his Instagram account. But this Thursday, August 11, between two sketches, Jane Birkin’s daughter slipped a snapshot of her in profile facing the mirror, her postpartum forms clearly visible.

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