Lotus speculoos will no longer be called ‘speculoos’

In Belgium, the Netherlands and France we know the popular biscuits as ‘Lotus speculoos’. But that will change next year. That writes De Tijd.

Soon ‘Lotus speculoos’ will no longer exist. The Lembeek-based company has decided to delete the name ‘speculoos’. That name is also only on the packaging in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. In the rest of the world that’s Biscoff, biscuit with coffee.

Lotus CEO Jan Boone said in an interview with De Tijd that the intention is to change the name next year. “The dream is to make Biscoff one global brand one of the largest brands in the world. When the cookie is called Biscoff all over the world, we make that statement. And the whole speculoos discussion has therefore been settled. ”

Photo: WDK

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