Lottery of receipts, all prizes and how to redeem them

There is now little time left for the long-awaited start Receipt lottery. The Relaunch decree had changed the date, moving it to January 1, 2021.

From today 1 December 2020 it is already possible to register on the portal and obtain the lottery code to show to merchants for payments.

Receipt lottery, how it works

For the uninitiated, participation in the Receipt Lottery is free because it is connected to normal purchases.

All the adults residing in Italy can participate in the Receipt Lottery simply by purchasing goods or services from retail outlets in cash or by card. On the other hand, online purchases are not valid.

Just get the so-called lottery code (who we explain in detail how to do it) on the ad hoc site created by the Monopoly Agency and show it to the merchant at the time of purchase. Thus, the electronic receipt will allow you to participate in the lottery.

How does it work? Everyone is entitled to a virtual ticket for every euro spent (health costs also apply), up to a maximum of 1,000 virtual tickets for purchases equal to or greater than 1,000 euros. 10 receipts can therefore give you up to 10 thousand virtual tickets, 100 receipts up to 100 thousand and so on.

Receipt Lottery Prizes

If the amount spent is greater than one euro, any decimal figure greater than 49 cents will still produce another virtual ticket.

The ordinary draws only reward consumers:

  • 7 prizes of 5 thousand euros each every week;
  • 3 prizes of 30 thousand euros each every month;
  • 1 prize of 1 million euros every year.

In the case of “zero cash” extractions, the extracted receipt rewards both the consumer and the merchant:

  • 15 prizes of 25 thousand euros each for the consumer and 15 prizes of 5 thousand euros each for the merchant, every week;
  • 10 prizes of 100 thousand euros each for the consumer and 10 prizes of 20 thousand euros each for the merchant, every month;
  • 1 prize of 5 million euros for the consumer and 1 prize of 1 million euros for the merchant, every year.

How to redeem rewards

The Customs and Monopolies Agency will only be able to make payment by bank transfer or, for those without a bank account, by non-transferable cashier’s check.

The Agency always informs the winner via a registered letter with return receipt or certified mail. Furthermore, if you have entered your mobile number in the reserved area, you will also be sent an informal communication via SMS.

Prizes will no longer be reclaimable after 90 days from receipt of the winning communication.

Specifically, the Customs and Monopolies Agency will give formal notice of the win:

  • all’certified e-mail address of the winner if available in the reserved area of ​​the portal (mode not usable if the certified e-mail address is not active or the box is full). The winner must communicate the chosen payment methods, under penalty of forfeiture, within 90 days of receiving the certified e-mail message;
  • through registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt last address of residence of the winner available in the ANPR – National Registry of the Resident Population or in the Tax Registry (for the winner who has not reported a certified e-mail address or who, despite having reported it, has a certified e-mail address which is not active or has a full e-mail inbox). The winner must, under penalty of forfeiture, go within 90 days of receipt of the registered letter to the Office of monopolies with territorial jurisdiction based on their tax domicile for identification and indication of the payment methods. Those who have registered in the reserved area of ​​the portal – via SPID (Public Digital Identity System) or, also, CNS (National Service Card), Fisconline or Entratel – can check there if they have won.


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