Lotte Vanwezemael digs deep into the sex life of BVs again

Sexologist Lotte Vanwezemael (29) has started a second season of her podcast Lotte goes deep. In it she asks famous Flemish people about love, sex, friendship and relationships. The podcast can be listened to every Monday on and in the MNM app. On July 5, Vanwezemael will talk to comedienne Serine Ayari, followed by Miss Belgium 2020 Celine Van Ouytsel, Youtuber and finalist of The smartest person in the world Bockie De Repper, Klaasje Meijer of K3, influencer Jamie Lee Six, journalist Riadh Bahri, singer Ian Thomas and on August 30 Tom Dice and Kato of The Starlings will close the row.

Lotte Vanwezemael starts with a second season of ‘Lotte goes deep’.



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