Lotito: “Juventus are not the evil of Italian football. Many have bought it”

(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 05 – “Today everyone speaks ill of Juventus, but it is one of those clubs that has contributed to the livelihood of our world. Many have drank from there, and it cannot be every evil of football Italian. Then I won’t go into the merits of the facts, that is up to the magistrates”. This was stated by Claudio Lotito, president of Lazio, speaking of the Juve case on the sidelines of the Colalucci Award. And to those who ask him if he has spoken to Agnelli, he replies: “I saw him in the Senate and I hugged him. He gave me an impression that was not right from a human point of view”. On the moment of Italian football, however, he adds: “For the second time we are out of the World Cup, some people should ask themselves questions and give themselves answers – underlines Lotito -. I don’t think it depends on Serie A, which makes players available. management in the national team does not produce results, the responsibility lies with whoever manages them at that time”. Finally on the renewal of Milinkovic: “From a technical point of view, Lazio have an interest in renewing him because he is a great player, a player on whom the club is aiming”. (HANDLE).

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