Lost to Trump and Ding Junhui to stop the snooker German Masters quarterfinals

  Original title: Lost to Trump, Ding Junhui, stop the snooker German Masters quarterfinals

China‘s top golfer Ding Junhui lost to world No. 1 Trump at 3:5 on the 29th and stopped in the quarterfinals of the German Snooker Masters.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the German Masters, like most professional snooker competitions this season, is still held in Milton Keynes, 80 kilometers northwest of London, England.

Although the 33-year-old Ding Junhui won the first round with difficulty, he swept his opponent 5:0 in the second round and got the chance to compete with the defending champion Trump for the semifinals. Before the game, Ding Junhui, who has not had a trophy since winning the 2019 All England Championship, said that he is indeed looking forward to winning the game. Seeing Trump, Selby, Robertson, O’Sullivan and others have been winning, he also wanted to join the ranks, after all, “I am not too bad.”

However, facing Trump on the 29th, Ding Junhui lost three games in a row. Even though he chased for two consecutive rounds, and then went against his opponents, but the eighth round was defeated and lost 3:5.

This is the seventh time Trump has reached the semifinals this season. After the game, he said he was proud of his stable performance. “I worked very hard this season, and practiced very hard for this game.”

Trump will next face Hawkins, who is ranked 18th in the world. The other semi-final will be played between Ford and Lisowski. (Reporter Zhang Wei)


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