Lost downloads an older song. People saw in the text an apology for rape

After his victory in Český slavík, the singer Marek Ztracený was criticized for the several-year-old song It Happens Even in Better Families. The discussants on social networks took her on strike. They blame the singer for apologizing to the rape in the song. Marek Ztracený stated that he completely condemns the rape. But he decided to download the song from streaming services. He acknowledged that, in retrospect, the text did not seem appropriate to him.

“I’m lying next to you. I’m not giving up so easily. A woman longs to make love, even though she says she doesn’t want to,” sings singer Marek Ztracený in his song It Happens Even in Better Families. After winning the absolute Nightingale on Friday, the text began to be discussed on social networks. According to some, he apologizes for the rape.

“That’s how Marek Ztracený wanted to compose a funny song about a guy going for ten beers, but somehow Marek probably got ten of them and composed a song about rape culture by mistake,” Johana Nejedlová from the organization wrote on twitter on Saturday Rape consensus.

“Fujky. It’s probably supposed to be a fun song about nightly drunken returns, but it’s a disgusting normalization of alcoholism and rape culture,” wrote one user, for example. “Stop everyone being so overly sensitive and looking for something that isn’t there at all,” said another.

“I completely condemn rape in any form and I am ready to support any project that deals with this issue. As an empathetic person, I realize that the text for someone who has such a traumatic experience may sound inappropriate and I will download the song from all streaming services. Text ripped out from the context without music, it sounds inappropriate for me even, “the singer told TN.cz.

At the same time, the singer wants to meet Nejedlová. “We agreed to meet to talk about what he can do to reduce sexual violence,” Nejedlova wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

However, the singer also paused that the song from 2015 began to bother people only after its success in Český slavík.

“We don’t play the song at concerts and I actually forgot I had it. It doesn’t change anything in the above and we gradually download the song from all streaming services,” said Ztracený.

“I am a loving partner, father and son. I do charity projects and support them as time allows. For example – breast cancer, cancer children, I work with the police on Forget-me-not Day, etc. And I also strongly condemn rape of any kind, “the singer added.




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